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Scaling Wootric’s Ruby on Rails Monolith

Raymond Sohn

October 20, 2020

Co-written by Alfonso Cora and Dan Pitrowski.   The Problem: Code Reuse Code reuse is a recurring problem for every organization, and Wootric is no different. Our Rails’ applications share code in a variety of interesting (albeit sub-optimal) ways, ranging from ad-hoc API endpoints to just copy-pasting code on an as-needed basis.

Use the Rails Asset Pipeline with Google Cloud CDN

Raymond Sohn

August 11, 2020

Setting up a Google Cloud CDN is challenging, because it requires you to fully immerse yourself in the vast vocabulary of Google Cloud. The goal of this article is to help get your Rails assets hosted on Google Cloud CDN. Along the way, I will try to contextualize why each step is necessary. At the end of this article, not only will you have your Rails assets hosted on Google Cloud CDN, but[…]

Taming Callback Pyramids in Our AngularJS App Using Async/Await

Raymond Sohn

April 23, 2020

Introduction Our dashboard is a medium-sized (~26k lines of code) AngularJS SPA (single-page application). Like most API driven SPAs, our dashboard makes a lot of asynchronous calls to fetch data. In many cases, we’re nesting asynchronous API calls several levels deep which has started to become a maintenance problem for our team. It’s not a total blocker, but it has slowed down development in[…]

Announcing Command Line Surveys - Get NPS Feedback from Developers

Raymond Sohn

April 01, 2018

Our mission at Wootric is to help you win customers for life. One way we do this is by giving you the power to survey your customers across multiple channels. We serve customers in over 70 countries worldwide and have received over 2 million survey responses across web, mobile app, email and SMS.

This is Fine: Engineering War Stories (and What We Learned) in 2016

Raymond Sohn

January 03, 2017

2016 has been a wild ride. The engineering team at Wootric has had our fair share of ups and downs and I thought it would be fun to collect some of our best war stories for posterity. Here is a list of things that happened, and what we are doing differently as a result.