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ETL your Wootric data with Stitch

March 01, 2017 By Lisa Abbott

TLDR: Our partner Stitch enables our customers to automatically import their Wootric data into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Postgres data warehouses.  Their open source Singer project means that you can use the integration even if you're not a Stitch customer.  

Making data driven decisions is critical, and our customers are always looking for new ways to use their Wootric data to improve customer experience and drive growth. While we have great APIs for data access, writing code that pulls your data -known as ETL scripts (for Extract, Transform, Load)- can be time consuming. Even once you have the code, making sure that it runs seamlessly and integrates with the rest of your infrastructure is a drain on engineering resources that are likely already stretched thin.

Stitch's Wootric integration solves all of that. After a five minute setup process, Stitch imports Wootric data into your Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Postgres data warehouse. Your data is automatically kept up-to-date and is always ready for analysis. You can run reports in your favorite business intelligence tool, interactively query the data with an SQL client, or incorporate the data into your internal applications.

Stitch supports over 50 other data sources -including databases, marketing automation, ad networks, payment processors, and more- so it's easy to cross-analyze data from Wootric with the rest of your operations. Additionally, Stitch's Wootric integration is part of Singer, an open source project for ETL scripts, which means that you can customize and use the integration even if you're not a Stitch customer.

We're excited to see what innovative uses our customers find for our data. Try out the integration today and start analyzing.

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