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Customer Feedback Classification Using Bag-of-Words

Ryan Smith

May 25, 2018

PART II. [Go to Part I]

Our Machine Learning Journey: From Zero to Customer Value in 12 months

Prabhat Jha

May 17, 2018


Announcing Command Line Surveys - Get NPS Feedback from Developers

Raymond Sohn

April 01, 2018

Our mission at Wootric is to help you win customers for life. One way we do this is by giving you the power to survey your customers across multiple channels. We serve customers in over 70 countries worldwide and have received over 2 million survey responses across web, mobile app, email and SMS.

How We Migrated from Heroku PostgreSQL to AWS RDS

Elisha Zhang

November 20, 2017

by German Monfort (@gmonfort) and Prabhat Jha (@prabhatjha)

A Look Under the Hood: AI for CX at Wootric

Prabhat Jha

September 26, 2017

by Prabhat Jha (@prabhatjha) and Ryan Smith (@rnsmith49)

ETL your Wootric data with Stitch

Lisa Abbott

March 01, 2017

TLDR: Our partner Stitch enables our customers to automatically import their Wootric data into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Postgres data warehouses.  Their open source Singer project means that you can use the integration even if you're not a Stitch customer.  

Securing Our Perimeter: Protecting our App and Making Security a Habit

Marin Alcaraz

February 09, 2017

The Rails core team takes security very seriously which means that we have a great foundation to build our apps on. Thanks to them, we didn't need to focus on security vulnerabilities in our early stage of development. But the more code we write on top of core, the more we risk introducing a vulnerability into our web application.

This is Fine: Engineering War Stories (and What We Learned) in 2016

Raymond Sohn

January 03, 2017

2016 has been a wild ride. The engineering team at Wootric has had our fair share of ups and downs and I thought it would be fun to collect some of our best war stories for posterity. Here is a list of things that happened, and what we are doing differently as a result.

Don’t make users wait: Optimizing the Performance of an Analytics Dashboard

Marin Alcaraz

September 29, 2016

At Wootric we've been huge fans of PostgreSQL from day one, and we still are. It's a robust and reliable fully-featured open source database and in most cases it fulfills all the data storage needs for your application. On the other hand, we work on getting customer feedback such as NPS at a huge scale, so it was only a matter of time until we started experiencing the first performance issues[…]

Q&A: Prabhat Jha takes the CTO helm at Wootric

Lisa Abbott

August 23, 2016

Prabhat Jha joined Wootric as CTO in June 2016. His expertise in developing enterprise software includes Java EE, distributed computing, PaaS, and SaaS. Prabhat co-founded InstaOps, a performance monitoring platform for mobile applications. His company was acquired by Apigee in 2012 to tap into the enterprise mobile app development ecosystem. Prabhat stayed on to lead efforts to launch and[…]