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When BERT meets Pytorch

Yash Vijay

August 14, 2019

A walkthrough of using BERT with pytorch for a multilabel classification use-case

Custom model deployment on Google A.I. Platform Serving.

Yash Vijay

August 05, 2019

My experience deploying custom Machine Learning models, pipelines and prediction routines at Wootric Recently, Google Cloud AI Platform Serving (CAIP) added a new feature which Machine Learning (ML) practitioners can now use to deploy models with customized pre-processing pipelines and prediction routines using their favorite frameworks, all under one serverless microservice. In this blog post, I[…]

Understanding Accuracy in ML Systems

Ryan Smith

March 12, 2019

Note: An article about this from the CX perspective can be found here.  The last few years have seen an explosion in companies adopting AI/ML solutions into their business pipeline. Huge advancements in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing have made it possible to automate tasks we wouldn’t have attempted just 5 years ago. However, sometimes the utility of these methods can be lost in[…]

A Look Under the Hood: AI for CX at Wootric

Prabhat Jha

September 26, 2017

by Prabhat Jha (@prabhatjha) and Ryan Smith (@rnsmith49)